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So that when we move on we shall have left behind a better world for those who follow
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Jose Silva fulfilled his life's mission when he created the UltraMind ESP System shortly before his passing. Now you can join this movement at the ground floor and teach people how to use intuition to make better decisions, and how to obtain guidance and help from higher intelligence to fulfill the purpose we were sent here for

Join Jose Silva for the opening session of the first UltraMind ESP System, then review and re-experience all of the mental exercises from the class with the UltraMind Review Program

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The Ecumenical Society of Psy, the non-profit holistic faith healing organization that Jose Silva established in 1975, has a website where students of Jose Silva's healing methods can get health cases to work, and people with health problems can submit cases:

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Use the Real Media player to listen to audio recordings of Jose Silva discussing his research, teaching his techniques, and explaining the conclusions he reached during his 55 years of scientific research and teaching. You can purchase the excellent Real Media player after a "free trial" period, or you can download a free version which works just as well for our purposes, from The free version is on the right side of the page. Hint: Use the "custom installation" if you don't want the "free offers" installed on your computer. Click on the Start Audio button to start the "streaming audio." Your Real Media Player should start automatically.

Please click button to listen to Streaming Audio "This is the Ultimate of the Ultimate" - Jose Silva
Recording of the beginning of the very first UltraMind ESP System. Approximately 6 minutes.

Please click button to listen to Streaming Audio  Jose Silva on Spirituality
Recorded live at a Silva convention in 1995. 26 minutes.

Please click button to listen to Streaming Audio  Second Phase of Human Evolution
Recorded live as he began his Metaphysical Laws of Success course, taught only once, in Laredo, Texas, January 1996. This is the first few minutes of the program.

Please click button to listen to Streaming Audio  The Beginning of Jose Silva's System
Mr. Silva tells the story of his trailblazing scientific research that led to the UltraMind ESP System. He begins by telling how he discovered that his young research subjects could "guess my mind" and how he then developed a System to bring out this ability in everyone. 22 minutes.

Please click button to listen to Streaming Audio  Interview with Jose Silva Recorded at KGNS Television in Laredo in January 1996 as Mr. Silva was preparing to present the Metaphysical Laws of Success Course. (29 minutes)

The History of Psychorientology and The Pathfinder Free Video Downloads
     The History of Psychorientology is a documentary we presented at
our 1994 Convention, celebrating 50 years since Jose Silva began his research in 1944.
     Listen to him tell about how his life experience and the challenges he faced contributed to the development of The Silva Method.
     The Pathfinder is a trubute to his life and the tremendous contribution he made to the betterment of humanity.
     Numerous historical pictures are included in the videos. You can see the house where Jose Silva was born, pictures of him as a little child with his brothers and sisters, photos of him through the years, and even a hand-written copy of answers to questions in one of the Rosecrucian lessons he was studying.
     Please use the link below to download either or both of the 2 video files. The History of Psychorientology is 24 minutes long and about 17 mb in size. The Pathfinder is about 8 minutes long and is a little more than 6 mb in size.
     You will need the current version of the Real Media player to play the videos. You can download a free version from There is also a player called the Real Alternative that you can use. Use your favorite search engine to search for it and you can download a free copy.

Jose Silva explains the Scale of Brain Evolution Chart (9 minutes 14 seconds)  You can use the links below to download an audio or video recording of this program. Thank you.
This chart is a map of your body, brain, and mind, and how they relate to each other.
     This chart is divided horizontally and vertically: The left side of the chart represents the body, the center represents the brain, and the right represents the mind. The blue section represents how we function in the objective (physical) world of the body, the green and red represent the subjective (mental) world of the mind, and the black is our connection with higher intelligence, in the spiritual dimension - the "other side." Delta is only half an octave, the rest of it is in the spiritual dimension, where higher intelligence resides. For more information, please Click Here.
Download Real Audio file (1.5mb)

Download mp3 Audio file (4.5mb)

Download Real Video 100kbps file (7mb)

Download Real Video 350kbps file (25mb)

Home   |   About the Silva Method   |   Wellness   |   Problem Solving   |   Meet Jose Silva   |   Listen to Jose Silva   |   UltraMind ESP System   |   About Us   |   Links

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